Swimming Pool and Hot Tub

Whichever house you are staying in, the pool and hot tub are only a few metres away from your front door!


Available for 12 months of the year, the pool is very popular from May to October, and the hot tub more popular in the winter months. 

Around the village

The village of Ferrer is unique. Accessed by a 2 km single track (now concreted in places), whilst it is only 10 minutes from the shops, bars, supermarkets and beaches of the coast, it is actually in a completely different world. It is quiet, peaceful and safe. There is no pollution, no traffic, no noise, and it is a great place from which to explore the local area.


Relax by walking around the local hills, where the only person you are likely to meet will be a goat-herder, or jump in your car and head off for the many and varied local attractions in Granada, Almeria and Malaga, all just over an hour away.