Guest comments

We want to make sure our guests leave Ferrer feeling happy and content. Here is a sampling of the feedback we've received from our guests over the years.

"Just wanted to say thank you for making my holiday with you last week so enjoyable" - Vicky Stone 


"The whole holiday was fantastic, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves from start to finish" - Lynne & Karen Bell 


"What a lovely and extraordinary week…..I shall remember Andalucia in late October as the place to be. Bugger England." - Jenny McCormack 


"The place is ace, there's no race, just an easy pace and a happy face" - Hilary & Bruce Shaw 


"Very enjoyable winter break, thank you for looking after me so well" - Tony Hartill 


"An excellent mountain-biking holiday! Extreme terrain, beautiful scenery, brilliant routes. Much fitter than when I came out. Thanks for making us feel so welcome" - Geraint Bateman 


"all the little things, like taking us up the mountain in the jeep, making us feel at home, has made this holiday" - John Lennon 


"we will leave behind a piece of ourselves, in my case a piece of my knees & shins, aaaarghh!!!" - Ian Woodward-Nutt 


“great biking…….ideal for mountain bikers, thanks" - Sean Hooper 


"definitely the best holiday in the world" - Anita Mountain 


"it's restored the parts that nothing has reached for 45 years" - Maggie Furnivall 


"what a wonderful place" Nancy de Ruchic 


" a super break from the London smoke" - David & Judy Hicks


"what a week, thank you" - Joep & Winnie de Laat


"biking in the UK will be a piece of cake now" - The Fryatts 


"the area is beautiful and at this time of the year everywhere smells divine - herbs and horses, lovely!" Vivienne & Doug Miller 


"if you have got this far (in the guest book) and have been at Ferrer for more than 24 hours, then you will know that it is all true, this is a truly amazing place, it is so reassuring to know that you can book a holiday over the internet AND believe the hype" - Felicity Ball 


"thanks for giving us a taste for 18th century Spain" - Tobi Richmond 


"I have enjoyed this stay even more than the last one" - Emma Thomas 


"amazing that we managed to horse ride, ski and dive, all within a couple of hours drive from the village, and in the same week!" - Kate Bowe 


"makes the mountains of Scotland seem like molehills" - Kate & Alan Laing - 


"I am just thankful that you accept Americans" - Lee & Nancy


"you have created something very special here" - Clive & Rennie Webster


"what an inspiring bunch of people" - Lisa & Stuart 


"thanks for making our honeymoon one to remember" - Cheryl & Adrian 


"almost too relaxed to write!" - Kate Harborne


"just bliss" - Sally Hornsey


"everyone went the extra mile, lots of thanks" - Gordon 


"pure heaven, see you next year" - Mary Younghusband 


"another great week, with adventures to last for another year" - Andrea 


"so good to feel the hot sun after a Welsh winter" - Karen 


"what a fab start to our married life" - Pauline & Robbie 


"thanks for.....introducing me to my new love of prawns, and for showing me the real Spain" - Abi 


"my 3rd time and another great stay" - Jenny 


"stunning" - Meridy


"nice to visit your little pearl in the Spanish mountains" - Deb and Michael


"I loved having my own house, terrace & pool!" - Monica 


"wouldn't think it possible, but I had an even better time than last" - Carla 


"so lovely to be back again" - Karina 


"back after 5 years and it is every bit as good as we remembered" - Ali & Nic 


"long may you continue to provide happy memories of an unforgetable place & way of life" - Ruth & Hannah 


"even though the heights scared my mum, I think she enjoyed it too!" - Alex - 


"the world will be yours as long as you stay as you are" - Nic - Sept 2006


"thank you all and especially the dolphins" - Fiona 


"thanks Mike for the wonderful dolphin experience" - Alana


“you will see me next week because I’m not going home” – Malcolm 


“best of all, the silence of the mountains”  Victoria


“third visit and it just gets better and better – Selina 


“I feel like I have had my first proper holiday” – Lizzy 


“the only problem is leaving” – Stephen


“quite simply the best holiday I have ever had” – Ray 


“fantastic holiday, even better than last year” – Steph 

“my third time, even better! This place is soooo special!!! – Chris 


“third time here and more convinced than ever that this place is therapy for the soul!” – Carla